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Unified Communication

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Certified Company ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015

Unified Communication

Delcom Telesystems integrates communication channels such as telephony, instant messaging, e-mail, and video across multiple networks. Delcom’s open, standardized UC software and hardware has gained popularity as most secure, reliable, and comprehensive industry offerings.

Improve customer retention and profitability through effective communication with customers.

  • Intelligent routing
  • Self-service contact applications
  • Effective customer transactions
  • Intelligent customer insights
  • Accurate analytics and reporting system

SME Communications

Delcom Telesystems believes in offering comprehensive solutions to improve communication processes of small and medium enterprises. Our solutions integrate various technologies such as telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing and customer management to meet the needs of SME organizations.

Data Networking

Delcom Telesystems strives to deliver innovative technology, energy-efficient hardware and enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of business operations by developing simpler, effective networks.

Enhance customer support services, resolve queries and streamline processes with Delcom’s video conferencing solutions.
  • Best-in-class video conferencing with HD quality.
  • Seamless interaction across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Combined features include chat , content sharing, video sharing, recording etc.
  • Multipoint video conferencing is possible.
  • Video endpoints integrated with cloud solutions and all-inclusive mobile apps.

Video Conferencing System & Equipments

Delcom’s state-of-the-art HD video conferencing systems and equipment allow seamless interaction of global enterprises across platforms and devices for customers and employees to enhance customer support, resolve queries and streamline processes.
Our systems are a conglomeration of features such as chat, content/ video sharing, and recording – is intuitive and built to meet your needs.
Our video conferencing services extend the reach of every user, inside and outside of the enterprise, with more options for productive video collaboration and a superior multi-point video conferencing experience. Our amazing video endpoints in your conference rooms, combined with our cloud solution and comprehensive mobile apps, let everyone in your organization experience meetings just like they’re present in the room—from any location or device.