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Industrial Automation

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Certified Company ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015

Dock Leveller

These Dock Leveller is placed at the exterior of the building in a loading bay. This is an actual bridge between the loading area and the vehicle, to balance out all the difference in height and distance. It enhances safety and productivity by avoiding multiple handling of the loads. Various load carrying capacities ranging from 6 tons to 25 tons.

Automatic Rolling Shutter

Maximum Shutter Size :10000 mm * 10000 mm.

1mm special interlocking

laths to make shutter curtain
Special Steel shaft with bearing on one side and Side Motor on
Other side with Chain arrangement

Fire Rated Rolling Shutters ​

This Fire rated automatic rolling shutter designed to stay open under normal circumstances, and close automatically in the event of a fire are structured and constructed to prevent the spread of fire to adjoining areas.

High Speed Door​

The range of High-Speed Rapid Roll Up Doors is designed for safe, fast, efficient, and simple operation for any internal busy doorways. The door curtain rolls up at a very high speed on the shaft which in turn is directly connected to the high-performance drives.

Automatic Sliding Gate​

These Sliding Gates are widely used and are an economical option among all the types of gates. It works with precise machine-cut toothed pinion along with galvanized rack arrangement.

Retractable Gate​

Retractable Gates are suitable for large open spaces that require safety barriers for entrance and exit purposes. They can also serve as temporary barricades for the control of traffic flow. More importantly, they eliminate the need to designate a sliding storage zone, a common feature of conventional sliding gates whereby single or dual track construction is necessary to ensure these gates slide within the required space.

Automatic Bollard ​

Hydraulic pump integrated within bollard for ease of installation and increased reliability and intensive use. Sleek design and pleasing aesthetics. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including highways approved schemes. High duty cycle, ensuring lasting performance and intensive use. Optional blackout solenoid allows for safe automatic lowering in case of power failure.