Delcom News - Business Sphere Award - We are happy to announce that Delcom Telesystems (P) LTD is Nominated for most trusted Communication       Delcom Infotech Launch -       360 degree solutions in commuication, surveillance, security and networking -       PGCIL HVDC Champa-Kurukshetra - Alstom was awarded one of its most important HVDC turnkey projects to date -for the transfer of 3,000       Started Execution of project at PGCIL HVDC North East Agra - PGCIL HVDC North East Agra is under execution at three sites Biswanath Chariali , Alipurduar

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23 Years

We are a 360 degree system integrator providing corporate infrastructure solutions. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Delcom has been able to distinguish itself on the basis of  expertise, efficiency and effectiveness.

Over the years of experience in deploying most complicated solutions in various Enterprises & specifically in Transmission Substations both 765 KV & HVDC have acquired a skill set to design and deliver even the most complex solution in our related field.

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Our mission is to be the leading provider of services and solutions in the industry by exceeding customer’s expectations through superior service delivery, satisfaction, delightful services, after sales service & technological innovation.

We value diligence, creativity and innovation. We provide multiple levels of support and availability, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Environment, Health and Safety.

Delcom’s products and services are safety complied and have no adverse effects on health if executed in an intended manner.Our EHS managers recognize relevant EHS regulations and are encouraged to carry out every action possible to ensure legal compliance. They ensure concerted efforts in eradicating workplace hazard and minimizing the scope of accident due to subjection to unfavorable and injurious situations. Moreover, thorough training of personnel is carried out to guarantee a coherent response mechanism, readiness to tackle unfavorable situations, prevention of accidents, and proper utilization of safeguarding equipment. In the context of environmental safety, Delcom ensures all industry norms are complied with, including efficient waste management and reduction of carbon footprint. We also ensure that any action that is not undertaken in the best interest of the Environment, Health or Safety is addressed and rectified.

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